Ashutosh (Ash) Prasad

CEO, KoiReader

Areas of Expertise:
Digital Logistics · Logistics Operations · 3PL/4PL · Artificial Intelligence · Cognitive Recognition · OCR · Computer Vision · TMS and ERP Applications

Ashutosh (Ash) Prasad is a senior logistics industry executive and CEO of KoiReader, Inc., a cognitive document automation and video feed analysis company that serves the transportation, logistics, and international trade industries. His 20 plus years of industry experience have included digital innovation, management and technology consulting, M&A advisory in the logistics and technology areas, and product development at Fortune 100 organizations.

Prasad has not only received awards from numerous client executives but his work in the logistics industry has also been associated with a patent. During his tenure, he has executed logistics, trade, and supply chain projects globally that have resulted in multimillion-dollar savings across a wide range of industries. Prasad led an M&A solution integration strategy at XPO Logistics and the incubation of PepsiCo’s 3PL division, Pepsi Logistics.

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