Lance Platt

CEO, EpicVue

Areas of Expertise:
Driver Recruitment · Driver Retention · Driver Comfort · Satellite Technology

Lance Platt is the CEO of EpicVue, a company that has taken an innovative approach to improving the quality of life for drivers in the trucking industry by providing in-cab satellite TV with entertainment options packaged specifically for fleets. His knowledge and understanding of the trucking industry’s plight to recruit and retain truck drivers is viewed through his roots in Appreciative Inquiry, a change methodology that uses the lens of "what works".

Platt has developed a close relationship with the trucking industry through EpicVue’s sponsorship of the Highway Angel program, a program designed to recognize truck drivers that have performed incredible acts of heroism while driving America’s highways and the Best Fleets to Drive For Award, an honor bestowed upon fleets that demonstrate exemplary management skills. He has the pulse on driver retention issues and how to give drivers the “at home” amenities while on the road.

Platt serves on the DIRECTV Dealer Advisory Council and is also the President of Groove Entertainment Technologies, an industry leader in providing in-room technology solutions to the hospitality industry.

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