Rajat Rajbhandari, PhD

CIO & CoFounder, dexFreight

Areas of Expertise:
Disruptive Technologies · Blockchain in Logistics & Supply Chain · Transportation Planning · Systems Engineering

Rajat was a research engineer at Texas A&M Transportation Institute (part of Texas A&M University). For the past 10+ years he has been working with federal/state/local governments including FHWA, DHS, FMCSA and the  private sector to conduct research, proof-of-concept and deployment of connected vehicle technology, intelligent transportation systems, freight operations, machine learning and many more. His passion at work is to explore the intersection of disruptive technologies and transportation. He recently completed a research project exploring blockchain technology and its impact on mobility, freight, logistics, and IoT. He has a doctorate degree in transportation from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is also a crypto currency enthusiast and holds several of these curriancies.
Rajat co-founded TruckIN Europe UG, a logistics technology startup in Germany. With investments from a German company, it has been developing collaboration, navigation, and recruitment platforms for logistics companies.

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Rajat Rajbhandari, PhD

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