Design Interactive Deepens Maintenance Training Presence

October 3, 2019

Design Interactive Deepens Maintenance Training Presence

Partnership with DiSTI means augmented and virtual reality can now be used simultaneously to create training for a range of industries

Orlando, Florida – October 3, 2019 -- Design Interactive Inc, a family owned and operated provider of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) training solutions for fleet maintenance personnel, vendors and OEMs, today announced a partnership with DiSTI, a leading provider of virtual maintenance training solutions. This partnership allows for the creation and distribution of desktop, augmented and virtual reality training from one source. 

“Our combined solutions have the capability to transform training across a range of industries,” said Matt Johnston, division head, Commercial Solutions at Design Interactive. “Together we can use our technology to enable subject matter experts to author and distribute training content without complicated computer models or software development. The bottom line is that you can go to one place to create training and then deploy it to any type of viewing hardware, be it desktop, tablet, HoloLens or VR headsets and you don’t have to choose between AR and VR, you can get them both in one shot.”

The combination of Design Interactive’s AUGMENTOR training technology and DiSTI’s VE Studio eliminates the challenge many AR/VR technology adopters face, Johnston noted. “They are not sure if desktop, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality or some combination is the right technology mix for their company’s training needs so they put off making a decision,” he explained. “With this partnership, it doesn’t matter.  The content can be created and then distributed in either AR or VR or even using DiSTI’s desktop solution so there is much less risk to technology adoption.” 

The partnership between the two companies builds on a collaboration that originated a contract award for the US Air Force.  Design Interactive’s AUGMENTOR augmented reality training technology integrated with the DiSTI VE Studio for Unity Virtual Training to create a highly advanced and interactive training platform where training creation and content distribution happens in one place. 

AUGMENTOR from Design Interactive also features a web portal for creating, editing and distributing training modules to Android and iOS mobile devices and HoloLens headsets. With immediate access to updated content, the solution can be deployed quickly and effectively across multiple locations.

About DiSTI Corporation

DiSTI Corporation is the provider of 3D virtual training solutions and graphical user interface software. DiSTI’s VE Studio is a virtual training development platform for managing the creation of complex 3D virtual environments for use on desktop, mobile, and virtual and mixed reality training applications. For more information, visit

About Design Interactive Inc

Design Interactive Inc (DII) develops and deploys augmented, virtual and mixed reality training and enterprise solutions for the transportation, medical, aerospace, manufacturing, and energy/oil/gas markets as well the military. Design Interactive’s extensive research and development expertise in using augmented and virtual reality technologies delivers innovative solutions that keep people safe, improve efficiency, and achieve optimum performance. Founded in 1988 and based in Orlando, Florida, Design Interactive is a woman-owned business. Visit

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