Instructional Technologies Inc. Adds New Courses to PRO-TREAD

November 19, 2019

Instructional Technologies Inc. Adds New Courses to PRO-TREAD

ITI expands its training library with lessons on Intermodal Equipment Inspections, Rear End Collision Avoidance - Medium Duty Truck, and Transporting Lithium Batteries

Vancouver, Washington – November 19, 2019 -- Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, today announced three new lessons as part of its growing PRO-TREAD library of training courses.

“With our newest courses on Intermodal Equipment Inspections, Rear End Collision Avoidance - Medium Duty Truck, and Transporting Lithium Batteries we are providing valuable training on topics that will improve safety and compliance for fleets and their drivers,” said Laura McMillan, vice president of training development for ITI. “The steady stream of new courses we’re adding to the PRO-TREAD library, especially for the medium-duty market, is a reflection of ITI’s ongoing commitment to meeting the industry’s training needs.”

The new courses being offered by ITI as part of PRO-TREAD, which blend timely and valuable information with examples of real-world scenarios, include:

  • Intermodal Equipment Inspections covers crucial areas during the inspection process for intermodal containers and chassis to ensure safety during transit. The training shows the viewer the details needed from a close-up perspective to perform a thorough and effective inspection.

  • Rear End Collision Avoidance - Medium Duty Truck focuses on techniques for avoiding rear end collisions since most truck/automobile accidents involve the car getting hit from behind. The training uses the concept of the Space Cushion for establishing a safe following distance based on five key factors and delivers the key messages using graphical representations that make it easy to comprehend the importance of safe distance. 

  • Transporting Lithium Batteries provides information for shippers about safety precautions, packaging and labeling requirements, and documents required for compliance with applicable U.S. and international regulations.

All three training courses are available immediately from the PRO-TREAD library.  The lessons can be taken from any connected device including iOS and Android for maximum convenience. As part of the PRO-TREAD family, they can be assigned and tracked automatically for ease of record keeping and compliance.

About Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Washington, Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is the leading provider of online training to the transportation industry. The company’s commitment to training is based on the principles of mastery learning, accurate and automated record keeping, and up-to-date information that ensure personnel have been effectively trained and detailed records kept.  ITI makes fleets and warehouses safer and more profitable through its PRO-TREAD® library of more than 150 standard training courses that blend engaging content with real-world, how-to scenarios, its On Ramp™ ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training), and its Sentix® platform that automates the day-to-day administration of an online training program in addition to integrating with transportation management and back office systems. Transportation and logistics companies choose ITI because of its automated learning management system, custom training capabilities, flexible lesson methodologies, and engaging 3D animations that improve retention, ensure subject matter mastery and lower the total cost of training. For more information, please visit

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