KoiReader Introduces Intelligent Document Automation for the Logistics Industry

May 6, 2019

Dallas/Bengaluru, India – May 6, 2019 – KoiReader, the provider of digital freight document automation technology for the logistics industry, today announced the first-of-its-kind AI-based document automation API for multimodal, global logistics operations.

“The same way that social media photo recognition systems identify recurring images, KoiReader recognizes unstructured words and numbers in freight documents and converts that information into structured data,” said Vivek Prasad, CEO of KoiReader. “Our technology goes well beyond document categorization services. With over one million lines of code, KoiReader is more advanced than any other freight document automation solution on the market today.”

“With KoiReader there is no need to outsource document categorization to a costly third-party provider or relinquish your control over sensitive company and customer information,” Prasad added. “Our product also significantly reduces costs and delivers an immediate ROI for any industry that needs to convert unstructured data into structured data.”

KoiReader uses artificial intelligence, smart algorithms, advanced data science, image processing and computer vision technologies to automatically extract information and digitize data in a structure that can be used via an API with any enterprise management system.

The KoiReader suite of document automation APIs for the logistics industry includes KoiReader for Invoice, KoiReader for BOL and KoiReader for Document Classification. To leverage ongoing innovation by the company, monthly API updates are provided.

KoiReader is offering a product launch special. For the next 60 days, the first 20 users to sign up will be able to use the Document Classification API free for six months. For more information, email: sales@koireader.com.

About KoiReader

KoiReader is an emerging technologies firm that enables digital innovation through proprietary technology capabilities and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnerships to develop the most advanced freight document automation offering on the market today. The company was founded by technology innovators with deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Algorithms and Advanced Data Science, and is guided by advisors with roots in innovation and strategy across a wide variety of industries, including Logistics and Transportation, Banking and Finance, Telecom and Customer Experience. For more information, visit www.koireader.com.

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