Vnomics Receives Sixth U.S. Patent for True Fuel®

September 24, 2019

Rochester, New York– September 24, 2019 -- Vnomics Corp., the provider of onboard fuel optimization solutions that combine real-time driver coaching and detailed fuel efficiency insights, today announced it has received a sixth patent for its True Fuel® optimization solution. The company also reported that in 2019 the number of drivers being coached to save fuel using True Fuel has grown by 18%.

“The True Fuel approach to identifying fuel efficiency in addition to just fuel economy, or MPG, uniquely identifies specific causes of fuel waste, quantified in gallons, and identifies specific actions to take to improve fuel results,” stated Alan Farnsworth, CEO of Vnomics.  “This is critical for trucking fleets.  They want to be able to see the benefit they will get before they invest the time and effort to improve.  Fleet executives have plenty of work and a myriad of new technologies claiming to improve their business.   True Fuel identifies the specific opportunities for fuel savings and provides the tools to achieve them.”

The sixth patent for True Fuel-- System and Method for Measuring and Reducing Vehicle Fuel Waste (No. 10,377,387 B2)-- was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 13, 2109. Previous patents covered a range of fuel use algorithms for calculating fuel efficiency and identifying wasted fuel, as well as driver coaching processes unique to True Fuel.

The latest patent, in particular, covers the unique approach at Vnomics for determining how much fuel is wasted if truck specifications are not properly set up for a fleet’s requirements. That information also allows Vnomics to make tailored recommendations to fleets about the most appropriate trucks and specifications for their businesses.

The Vnomics True Fuel optimization solution calculates a truck’s potential fuel economy (i.e., what MPG should be achieved) given its route, load and other external factors, and then identifies any fuel waste caused by inefficient driving practices. The system also coaches drivers where it matters most-- in the cab, in real-time—and provides a fair assessment of their fuel efficiency performance after the trip. True Fuel uniquely targets only those aspects that a driver can control, such as engine speed, idling and highway speeding, while automatically normalizing factors such as payload weight, route, and weather and truck configuration. True Fuel also provides fleet managers with metrics to account for fuel use.

About Vnomics

Founded in 2008, Rochester, NY-based Vnomics Corp. provides advanced fuel optimization solutions that enable fleets to reduce fuel consumption and expense by improving driver and vehicle performance in real time. The company’s True Fuel® product, a stand-alone, OEM-agnostic fuel optimization solution, combines the intelligence of on-board machine learning with real time driver coaching to eliminate fuel waste and improve vehicle performance. This unique approach to improving driver and vehicle performance provides substantial fuel savings to a rapidly growing number of fleets across all motor carrier segments, all truck OEMs and all engine and drive train configurations. For additional information, visit or call 855-866-6427.

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